Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puppets(from Naruto)

Puppeteer ninjas, like Kankuro, might prefer these types of weapons. To use puppets, chakra is necessary. Puppeteers control their puppets with strings made of chakra and with the puppet jutsu technique. Puppeteers can enhance their puppets with new tools, like how Kankuro does with his puppet, Kararu, with poison tipped daggers and poison gas.


These small throwing spikes are most often used in booby-traps. Used by all ninjas, this weapon is used during escape routes as a distraction or to stop enemies from pursuing. When used correctly, the metal spikes can penetrate the sole of a shoe, though they sometimes don't cause any damage at all. Though most ninjas use makibishi for slowing down an opponent, some ninja uThey are throwing stars that are places in a pouch on your hip for easy access.
The shuriken is a weapon that is commonly used by all ninjas. There are two types of shuriken: the small shuriken, which is a choice of most Genins, are easier to use than the regular ones. The Fuma Shuriken, also known as the windmill shuriken, is the large shuriken used for quick and easy killing. When they are thrown at an opponent it causes the damage to increase, due to their large size. Although being hit by a Fuma Shuriken is deadly, the accuracy rate is much this tool in battle as a distraction for the primary attack.

Naruto weapons

Kunai: Many ninja developed weapons that were merely adapted farming tools, not unlike those used by Shaolin monks in China. Since kunai were cheaply produced farming tools of a decent size and weight, and could be easily sharpened, they were readily available to be converted into simple weapons.
In the mythology of ninja, the kunai is commonly portrayed to be a Japanese knife that is used for throwing. As a weapon it is larger and heavier than a shuriken, and with the grip could also be used in hand to hand combat more readily than a shuriken.
In addition, it could be used for climbing, as either a kind of grappling hook.
There are several varieties of kunai, including of short kunai, long kunai, narrow bladed types, saw-toothed types, and wide bladed types. In some cases, the kunai and the shikoro, a wide bladed saw with a dagger-type handle.