Sunday, October 25, 2009

Right Now...

Right now I'm working on this maddening project on Chinese Culture that we started a week ago. It was suppose to be completed and turned in last week, but since i was sick...that was not possible. Now along with that project, I have to finish 7 worksheets, study for a science test, and do two atlas packets from history/geography class....also known as social studies. ^.^
So i guess what I'm saying is.....I HAVE A TON OF WORK!!! -___-
To help me accomplish my homework, I've been listening to the iPod thingy on my blog for two hours.......................................yay

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My mood Today...

srry, the blog looks blaaah...........
right now i can't get the header image to load properly -__- so.....i'm experiencing technical difficulties right now o.o srry

theyre back!!! woooooot~ i seldom listen to SS501. but this new EP is pretty cool!!

Anime Quote >.<

People are able to hold onto hope, since death is that which cannot be seen. - Rukia Kuchiki

Thursday, October 22, 2009

nvm on the last post........hehheh, srry, just went on ahead and changed the template -_- couldn't wait
I have a sorta random question to ask........
Do ya like clickin on the squiby pet thingies? cause i want to download this new template, but i gotta delete the widgets first, so yaaaaah o.o
whatcha think? ^.^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got this from 55555ginger on Youtube...Just a random Pocky commercial...the anime character is from aph prussia...never watched aph prussia before... O.O

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anime Quote of Da Week...

"You believe that the strong exist to cull the weak. To use them as food. But you are mistaken . . . The strong exist, not to feed off of the weak, but to protect them." -Kenshin Himura from Kenshin

(Goumei, I haven't been posting these for a looong time ^.^ 1. They're really hard to find 2. I kind a just forgot 3. I'll post them occasionally ^.^)

Alice Nine~Hana PV

I first saw/heard this on yama-chan's blog, I'm happy she posted this ^.^

*sigh* learning a new language is quite hard. Especially if my teacher is teaching u.......................(?)
she gives out TONS of homework and we're working on 3 projects at once T.T I have 2 huge enormous text books that make my shoulders feel like their gonna snap -_- oh well, I have to endure! yay!

Don't ya just love improper grammer.....<3
Don't know whether I should be happy or what....we have a 5 day weekend starting today, but I'm sooo bored! It's great that there's no school and stuff, but i have nothing to do...Don't ya hate it when that happens T.T grrr

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome new manga i found!!!!!!! It's called: Dengeki Daisy
it's really really really really really really really good.... well maybe not that good, but's good!

grrrrrrrr, I hate this stinky cold weather...
during cross country meets, all of the girls just stand there shivering. It's 50 degrees and we're in tank tops and shorts o.o that's what i call crazy
Wow, it's finally october! for me it still feels like september o.o hmmm, well, got to make sure i get some more posts in ^.^ HAPPY OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!
waaah, T.T i'm so busy....... I have school, cross country every day after school, student council, this thing called REACH, i do community work, i have extra classes on Saturday, tennis, and i feel like I'm gonna pass out X__X oh well, i don't really care.... I've been wondering what kind of blog theme should be after da purple.... i was thinking red like fire, halloween ish, or an animal theme thingy......................