Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today, January 29 had, having, a sleep over w/ Aquaria ^.^ rented paranormal activity from blockbuster and wachted it...wasn't actually as scary as some people said.......wasn't as freaky as The Uninvited O.o that movie, is really scary!

School Dance

Last Friday (which I think was the 22nd) was my school's student council dance! Had a ton of fun! Went to go help set up at 6:30p.m. and it looked gorgeous cause we hooked up some blue and silver christmas lights. also helped sell drinks for 45 minutes, but most of the time my friends and i were just dancing behind the counter O.o almost got in trouble for that ^.^'

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Haircut

Yay, I finally cut my hair! It's up to my shoulder's now and it looks really cute, if i may say so myself ^.^ !!! I went to a Korean place called Park Jun's or something like that, and it was a real nice place. The people, the surrounding, yep yep. (haircut looks extremely similar to the one in the image)

Darker Than Black

I recently finished the first season of Darker than Black and it was AMAZING!!! I mean, when Aki-chan (Akatsuki Central) first recommended it to me, I didn't really want to watch it cause it looked O.o But gave it a try, You must watch it! However, one warning, really gruesome=lot sa blood and dying and exploding...Overall, pretty good anime. (Watch it at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anime Quote

What ever happens from now on you stand firm and face your destiny without fear, but with courage.- Tenshi's grandfather

Half-Day !!!

Yesterday, or January 15, 2010, was a half-day for my school district, and class ended a few hours earlier. So me and about nine other people all went to a place called Brunswick Zone to go laser tagging and bowling ^.^ ... One of the best days ever!!! You might not know, but laser tagging, is very good exercise O.o Buuut, I failed at bowling, haha XD XD Then after two rounds of laser tag and a game of bowling, we went on the rides there like about 30 times (bought unlimited ride passes)! However, the only rides we could actually fit in were bumper cars, and the odessy (ride that is similar to roller coaster but smaller, and spins you in circles for about...5 minutes ...) Overall, 4.5 fun stars out of 5 ^.^

SuG: New Look and Album

TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL to be out 09/03/2010

Limited Edition
01.gr8 story
02.Life♥2Die[album mix]
03.Block Party MonstAr
04.39GalaxyZ[album mix]
05.武士道-bushido-FREAKY (Bushido-bushido-FREAKY)
06.UMBILICAL[new arrange version]
07.薫 (Kaoru)
08.P!NK masquerade.[album mix]
09.L.E.D Ghosty
11.16bit HERO 2
12.little lover boy

Regular Edition
01.million $orchestra
02.gr8 story
03.Life♥2Die[album mix]
04.Block Party MonstAr
05.early morning children
06.39GalaxyZ[album mix]
07.武士道-bushido-FREAKY (Bushido-bushido-FREAKY)
08.sweet box refrain
09.UMBILICAL[new arrange version]
10.薫 (Kaoru)
11.industrial police
12.P!NK masquerade.[album mix]
13.L.E.D Ghosty
15.super kawaiiii
16.16bit HERO 2
17.little lover boy

Anime Quote

"I have no fear of death. It just means dreaming in silence. A dream that lasts for eternity." - Vincent from Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Super, super, super cold over here! yeesh! when i was waiting for my bus at the bus stop, i had just taken a shower, and within those 3 minutes, my hair froze....if you felt it, it was hard O.o Plus, it's practically impossible to even walk outside without either a hat or some gloves. However, it's gotten better, a little warmer.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Haha, my sister gave me his book called: Passing Time in the Loo, and it's basically all these short stories you can finish reading within the time it takes you to use the toilet. The book is actually pretty interesting. It contains different summaries of stories you might learn in school. Say if you're reading a book of Jane Austen in class, instead of having to read the whole book, you can just read a detailed summary of it ^.^


Yaaaay, after years and years of waiting, success! Finally got my own laptop XD XD ...

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Heehee, first post of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how we're gonna right the date on say worksheets at school....probably: 1/4/10 ....that's awesome XD
Haha, thought this pic was awesome!!!!!! She's waving leaks around in the air for no reason ^.^
It reminds me of when i go grocery shopping with my mom....she tells me to go get that, then that, then this, and i'm running around with like six things in my arms O.o