Friday, January 22, 2010

Darker Than Black

I recently finished the first season of Darker than Black and it was AMAZING!!! I mean, when Aki-chan (Akatsuki Central) first recommended it to me, I didn't really want to watch it cause it looked O.o But gave it a try, You must watch it! However, one warning, really gruesome=lot sa blood and dying and exploding...Overall, pretty good anime. (Watch it at


Aki said...

I TOLD U IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! the second seasons even better in my opinion though. but still. i like how its kinda like a puzzle and each episode kinda gives u some more info but it doesnt make sense untill the end!!!!!! *squeals*

Jun said...

haha, yes it is very much amazing ^.^ who r your favorite characters? I liked yin (yay, go yin! but so sad she's not in the second season T.T), bai, the Wei Zhijun guy, and amber XD XD