Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Time!!! ☼

Finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting, I got a haircut, finished the extra classes, and am going to china!!!!!! Really excited, going to go to Beijing, Xi an, Shan Dong, and Hong Kong! Originally we were also going to go to Shanghai to see the expo, but plans changed :P ...oh well, still going to have lots lots and lots of fun, and buy lots and lots of stuff!!! See you in 3 weeks!!!

Super Junior~No Other ♫

This probably isn't a new song...but, just thought I'd post it ^.^ ♪

Shining Inheritance☼

A drama I started watching right at the beginning of summer break...wanted to post about it earlier but as you already know...extra classes started in a few days time T.T This is an amazing Kdrama!!! They say it had higher ratings than the kdrama boys over flowers...which is quite an achievement if I do say so myself ^.^ So once again...sorry bad with summaries (or I'm just lazy), look it up, watch it, like it, love it, get addicted! (you can watch this on

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kateikyoushi Himan Reborn

Our fellow blogger aki ( recently told me about this fantastic anime called Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! I have to admit, I've been turning away from anime and manga ever since I started getting addicted to dramas  >.< but this anime just got me re-addicted!!! I don't really give good summaries so it's better if you search it up...anyways, it's a shounen anime+manga, but even if you don't like shounen still try it out please ^.^ ! If you want to watch it or youtube works if you want to read the manga, is a nice site. ♫

Lovely Style ♪

Got a new haircut!!! this time I got it cut pretty short so it'll be more convenient for tennis. Well there's this awesome Korean salon near me and they are amazing !!! can't find a pic of what it sort of looks like on the web right now, and my camera is temporarily broken so, bare with me and just know that I got a haircut ^.^  ...♥


So how was your summer so far? Mine consists of nothing but boredom and racking my brains out trying to solve problems. Well....tell me about it! ♥♥♥

Excuses, excuses.... long has it been since I last posted???? Well, the only thing I have right now is a crummy excuse for my ridiculously long absence. For 4 weeks, I had to take some summer classes and the homework amount is over the top and i find that the only spare time I have is to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. So I'm extremely sorry >.< !!! To continue, I'm going to China i won't be posting for another 3 weeks because blogger websites are banned there T.T (sadly...). Well, I promise to get as many posts in as I can but right now I'm studying for final exams so don't have much time left, just thought I had to post at least once before I leave!