Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Addicted to Dramas...Anybody else?

my latest addiction
other than Games and *study*=watching dramas
Recently Watched: Korean Drama You're Beautiful

the stories and character are SERIOUSLY soooo funny and entertaining
but i like the way Jang Geun Suk carried his character
cool but childish

if u know FT Island
their vocalist is in this drama too
and i was shock to know that Jang Geum Suk can actually sing...

2nd Single Major for SuG

They announced the second major single with the title 小 悪 魔 Sparkling (Koakuma Sparkling) in 3 types release date June 30.

01. 小 悪 魔 Sparkling
02.Five Starz ~ 五 枚 目 俳 优 ~
"小 悪 魔 Sparkling" PV

01. 小 悪 魔 Sparkling
02.Five Starz ~ 五 枚 目 俳 优 ~
"Five Starz ~ 五 枚 目 俳 优 ~" PV

Regular Edition:
01.小 悪 魔 Sparkling
02.Five Starz ~ 五 枚 目 俳 优 ~
03. 夏 音-kanon-


A long line of saddening things happened last week. Number one, my internet broke down so i could not go on blogger or anything else the whole week (curse you failed internet >.< *waves fist*). and my hamster died T.T  She was a 3 and a half year old teddy bear hamster named Jazzy...even though it's sad, we must move forward! Buuuut, I am almost done learning the whole hiragana chart (happy thing for me)!...however, i know there's just more and more characters for me to learn