Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay, so the pictures we took when we went to Hong Kong all have me and family members in them soooo, sadly i can't post them T.T   If you want to know what Hong Kong looks like, look it up on google images. Most of the pictures do look like most of the places we went to. So my best description of Hong Kong for you is....Asian New York....yes.........and again, sorry, want to post them, but can't T.T So instead i shall post pics of inside the Water Cube (where they held the Olympic water events) and pics of this really unique restaurant we went to in Shan Dong! Enjoy!

You can actually eat in these little boat thingies and the whole restaurant made you feel like you were in a foresty jungle environment . The place also had different sections that represented different seasons.


An awesome park with rides located in Bao Ji which is a city very close to Xi An

Lotus flowers in Yuan Ming Yuan Park in Beijing

Pic taken as my mom, aunt, and I were rowing a boat at Bei Hai in Beijing

Part of a performance at Yi He Yuan in Beijing. The stage they are performing on is very old and famous, there's this room in front of it where the emperor and other important people would sit and watch people performing what you now call Beijing Opera.

Traveling Through China!!! ♫ (Part 2)

So to continue, from Hong Kong we had to re go through all the border crossing thing, but thankfully this time we left rather early so the waiting and the lines weren't that bad. From Shen Zhen we flew back to Beijing, where the very next day we went to Xi An to visit other relatives. There we stayed for 3 days and had the best Afterward, went to Shan Dong to have some more fun, which we did, went to different places, but unfortunately i couldn't really enjoy because i got sick T.T but I'm find now ^.^ !!! Then after staying there for somewhere around 4 or 5 days went back to Beijing stayed one more day so I could buy some gifts for friends and flew back to the U.S.! So here I am, sitting here typing this >.< Basically it was an awesome trip, and i encourage you to visit China!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Traveling Through China!!! ♫ (Part 1)

Hello my friends, fellow bloggers, people of the world! As you most likely and hopefully already know, I went on a vacation to china with my family for 3 weeks. Bought a TON of stuff, food, goodies, etc. and i'm ready to just lie in bed and enjoy the 2-3 weeks of summer break before school starts! >.< the entire trip schedule was extremely tiring mostly because we had to travel to so many places in such a short period of time T.T Our first stop was Beijing where we visited some relatives, went shopping and sight seeing. Stayed there for about 5 days. we then flew Shen Zhen where we took a bus to this border crossing security building area. We waited about 2 hours in an endless mob of people, and after we got past that line, had to get in another line and wait ANOTHER 1 hour, before FINALLY getting on ANOTHER bus to our hotel in Hong Kong. However, i do believe I have the right to say, that the wait, was totally worth it! Hong Kong is an AMAZING city, the sights, sounds, not so much the smell sometimes and definitely NOT the hot hot hot humid weather!!! Our main reason for traveling there was to meet my sister's fiancee's parents and grandma. In Hong Kong, we shopped, walked around, went to Victoria Park, overall gorgeous city, you need to go there, oh, and surprisingly very tourist friendly! Read part 2, consists of pics, and a continued description of the rest of my trip! sorry if you find the part 1 part 2 thingy stupidly annoying...i need to go somewhere now and ran out of time, sorry, bye!  (Traveling Through China part 2 will be posted tomorrow!)