Sunday, June 14, 2009


LOL, I managed to find this image on google images! ^___^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aqua Timez: Alones

^_______^ very good song...yesh it ish....O__o

Aqua Timez: Aki ni Naru no ni

Ellowsh evreryone O______o

Aqua Timez: Akatsuki

O______o Yo! It gets pretty good when you listen further into it.



I'm off!!!

Bye-ees Ppl!!! Don't stop supporting meh blog though O______o. I'm a goin' to be watching you!!! Don't worry, I shall be posting as soon as I am granted access to a computer! Oh yeah, Cyan. Sorry dinner got cancelled again...I hope I'll get to see you again before you move T__T Well, Sayonara!!!


>____< I won't be posting for a loooooong time ppls...I'm going to go on a vacation!!! YAY YAY! So my last post for possibly a week will be on Saturday. I'll try to post before a week is over, but I don't really have access to a computer...Oh well, wish me luck, I'm going on an airplane for 13 hours...:( bleh, and I get really air sick... Well sayonara!

-_____- Arigato

Thursday, June 11, 2009

D. Gray Man Ending 3 Full Version

-____- Arigato

Look alike O.o Cyan Jun

Okay, well, as some of you may know, these are 2 NewS members. Shigeaki Kato and Massuda takahisa. Cyan said I sort of looked like the guy smiling with the red checkered shirt, and i said she sort of looked like the guy on the left not smiling....yah. We are being serious.

Who's that Pokemon?

With the kid that has anger management issues...(youtube gameboy659)

-_______- Arigato

Hey Hey

I know i've been posting a lot of Flumpool songs, but I was sort of having a competition with Cyan to see who could post the most of their songs, and i won!!! Yay!!! Oh well. I'll stop posting their songs for now.

Flumpool 回転木馬 Merry-go-round

Youtube from to16skk once again. plz ignore the sort of weird pictures... O__o

-______- Arigato


O.o Yet another Flumpool song. On youtube from to16skk again

-_____- arigato


LOL, another Flumpool song. If you don't like this band, well, idc, suck it up and deal with it XD (got this on Youtube from to16skk)

-_______- Arigato


Ok, so well today when I went on AQ Worlds at like 12:35am in the morning, there were some really mean ppl on O.o. There was this one girl that was all, "geez, you're a dork." when i just said: "O.o gubgub." OMG...*sniffles*, she hurt my feelings...jk, not really. ^^ I don't really know why I posted this...I guess I just needed to fill up this space.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flumpoolピカレスク~」 MW ~Dear Mr. & Mrs. Picaresque~

I like this song...:3 (YouTube flumpool00love ...again, it's from flumpool00love...)

-______- Arigato


O__o guess what? I'm posting this at 1:00 a.m. >_______> i'm sooooooo tired. But Cyan is keeping meh up. she's surprised that i'm tired at 1:00 since she usually goes to bed @ 4:00...LOL, it's the girl version of L...O__o we both lack sleep..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wind by Akeboshi

Got this from Cyan

flumpool lado

Youtube a3tvxqps
-______- Arigato

flumpool - 388859

Youtube mikanraamen1605 -_____- arigato

flumpool- ミライ (Mirai)

Youtube from megatron360

flumpool 「Over the rain~ひかりの橋~」 PV

got this on youtube from JKjuniors)

-_____- Arigato

flumpool「春風」PV Spring Breeze

awesome song!!! beginning is a bit slow, but overall song good. (got this from youtube from flumpool00love)

-______- Arigato

flumpoo~ l「星に願いを」 When you Wish upon a star

Another pretty good song by Flumpool (Got this on youtube from onpooexex)

-_______- Arigato

Flumpool ~花になれPV Become the flower

Awesome song!!! I actually found this while searching for more NewS and Hey Say Jump! songs. (Got this on YouTube from flumpool00love)

-______- Arigato


Ok, well today I was being really stupid. XD
1) I accidentally bought this random song off iTunes
2) I used my toothbrush to brush/comb me hair
3) Lost my box of socks (how do u possibly do that?)
4) Lost my comb
5) Lost my toothbrush after combing my hair with it
6) Ran into a wall
7) Somehow ended up drawing a unicorn...(what the heck)
8) Ate a salad...ok, this isn't really stupid...don't know why i put this...???
9) I went on my internet when i just disconnected my internet...yep
10) I posted this on my blog...

-____- Arigato


*Sigh* What a nice day...

Monday, June 8, 2009


Here r some cooliyo websites Me would recommend because they're cool:


:3 blaaaa

I think I might be obsessed with Happy Birthday by NewS...It's really not thaaaaaaaaaaat great of a song...I don't know...:( I'm listening to it a lot lately.

David Choi~I Won't Even Start

I thought it was pretty good! I've never heard of him before, but ok...
(got this on Youtube from davidchoimusic) XD Enjoy this ppls.

NewS~Happy Birthday

YAY! It's a pretty good song, the japanese lyrics to it r on the top. and yeah...Happy late B-day Chelsea, and Happy B-day to anyone else!!! ^^(got this from yesimafob on YouTube)

-_________- Arigato

Energy Saver

Well in case u ppl didn't know, there's this website called
It's kind of like google except black. It's black because that way it conserves more energy than a white screen, it's also easier on the eyes than a white screen. The only bad thing is that it doesn't have images or video like google :( Oh well, check it out^^

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Letter

To Cyan.

I'm sorry. I feel very bad and guilty for putting you through all those painful times. No matter what else, I hope we may still remain friends. It's not about what's waiting on the other side, right now (the present) I guess we're all kind of confused, at least I am. I wish to hear you story, I would like to know what I should change about myself. Thanks. :) I guess I did change a lot.

To Watching and Ren


To Aquaria


To Cyan and other stuff

To Cyan: 1) STop apologizing. It's getting quite annoying.
2) U assume i'm mad at u when i'm not.
3) I DO NOT HAVE A BF ON AQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK
4) That's great that u don't like Haruhi Suzumiya, I do

Other stuff: 1) I got a haircut!!!!!
2) I'm also blogging on my other friend's blog:
3) I got sunglasses

Friday, June 5, 2009

~The Duck Song~

Might get kind of annoying, but it's odd and funny ^^
(Got this from Youtube from forrestfire101)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yo exciting.


Meh friend Chelsea is sleeping over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her other name is Corn!!! 'cause that's her other name. (if u want to know why, it's because she smelled like corn one day, and i just kept on calling her that!!! XD >.< tee hee. Yay, Yay, Yay!!! Hey Cyan and Aquaria, all 3 of us should sleepover someday!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meh Mad!!!

Well, today at school, that last School Newspaper of the year came out. I'm on the newspaper, and my article was on the front cover!!! of the teachers forgot to type in my name underneath the article name. So now, it looks like this other person named Oshla wrote it!!!!!!!!! I was really mad. I clearly had my name on the article i turned in!!! Aaaaaarggg, soooo angry, but now there's nothing to do about it.....*sniffle* I don't like that teach teach anymore....:( I think she hates meh...


Yay! Songebob and Patrick!!! Wumbo, wumbo, wum-Bo! Wumbo, wumbo, wum-Bo!!!
(Got this at deviantart >.<)

Nightmare: Lost in Blue

Yesh, ish one of meh favorite songs!!! XD >.<
(Meh got dis from youtube suikodenfan108stars!!!)