Monday, March 29, 2010

Anime Quote

- "If you wish for something, it might come true, but if you don't wish at all, it will never come true" h20 ~footprints in the sand~

I wonder why i posted this

I found an interesting article on Yahoo about foods that can fix (almost) anything. Apparently for little age lines, you eat grapes. For a bad mood try healthy carbs a.k.a. chickpeas, lentils and whole-grain bread... Acne eat fish or walnuts. Splitting nails, eat protein rich foods . Bad breath eat plain yogurt. Thin, dry hair, drink green tea. For PMS, try cheese or milk. For more energy: Apple with peanut butter ^.^ (yum) Stay healthy !!! O.o

I'm a Bit late...

I am a bit late, but yay, Spring is FINALLY here! I am extremely happy about the warm (warming) weather! I'm glad that when I look outside I can see greenish grass, the sun, and a bird or two. Plus, for me it's Spring Break, so I get to enjoy the nice weather ^.^ !!! It's almost Summer and that's when I'll be going to China and possibly Japan for a visit XD , so excited!!! I asked my Mom if I could take extra Latin and Biology courses over the summer and we found a place offering all sorts of summer classes! My friend Aki (blog: is going to take a class with at least there will be someone I know O.o


Thought this was kinda interesting XP. It's a quiz i took to determine what kind of animal i am at heart...apparently, I'm a fish O.O *blub blub* joy... :

result image

you are in the middle. neither a day dreaming bird nor a serious Wolf. You are not like the shy butterfly. You have a bitter-sweet personality to many however you can get along with all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls' Generation~Run Devil Run

New Girls' Generation Music Video (didn't think it was the best song...but it was okay... ♪ )

Friday, March 5, 2010

Remember ♥

A recent thought of mine was reminiscing about being 3 or 7 years old. *Laughs* I don't know about you guys, but I remember how weird I was! Used to walk around in my diaper (whoa, probably didn't need to hear that) wearing Dad's new leather shoes and big glasses pretending I was him. i recall playing tag, house, and restaurant with friends. There was this ones game we used to play called pretend, and we'd say: "Pretend that I have this and this", or "pretend I'm this and this." I'll never forget all those imaginary friends that surrounded me everyday ... O.o Sometimes I wish no one grew up....No one would have to worry about what they wear everyday, makeup, how their hair looks, etc. I wish...but alas, it's only a dream :P

Is it worth it? ♫

Continuing Mary-Claire's post about diaries, I don't really like diaries...I've tried multiple times but failed either way. I don't know, most of the time I just forget or don't have enough time to write something down (a.k.a. I get lazy >.<). I tried every kind of diary from notebooks, fancy ones, or keeping a diary on my phone!!!! Plus, if I don't write everyday...I basically just forget about it completely T.T Perhaps I might start again...However, keeping a diary does sound like a good idea... ♥