Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I don't think I posted a ton about my other friend Aquaria...

She is... crazy, funny, awesome, sweet, fun, sensitive, unique, loves torture (...), friend, loyal, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, thin, thin, thin, thin! she is pure awesomeness!!!

She also has a blog: tobi says visit it, or else...


You were right Cyan, Gantz is really weird but it's ok. Do u read the manga or watch the anime or both?

Tobi and Deidara

Found this at deviant art supposedly drawn or found by: DeEtta.

Dancing Tobi

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Fav character ever in Bleach!!! This was, i think drawn, by yanimator from deviant art.

:) :)



Yup, L really does love his sweets...

I can take on 28 5 year olds!


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site


Akatuki Pile



Name: Peaches
Favourite Food: Peaches
Adopted on: The day you buy peaches
Ginny's Adoptables!

Name: ...
Flavour: Poo
Adopted on: ...
Ginny's Adoptables!


Name: Polly
Favourite Food: Crackers
Adopted on: ...
Ginny's Adoptables!

My Horse!!! Not yours!

Name: Horsey
Favourite Food: You
Adopted on: Some day? :)
Ginny's Adoptables!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rabid Squirrel

Name: Phycho
Favourite Food: you along with an enjoyable elephant, and your child!
Adopted on: the day you die
Ginny's Adoptables!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jurassic Fart Part 2!



Please post a comment on the thing *snicker* below!

Jurassic Fart!



SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO I HAVE EVER TROUBLED BEFORE!!! Hee hee, Merry Christmas! it's ok Cyan, just wanted to talk to u. If u can forgive me, just post a comment here! By the way, Aqua Timez is awesome! And... I TOLD U NOT TO WATCH SHANGHAI HONEY'S REAL MUSIC VIDEO, I EVEN LEFT A WARNING!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Fav. JRock/JPop Bands

AQUA TIMEZ...NIGHTMARE...ORANGE RANGE best bands ever! if you haven't heard at
least one of their songs yet, there's
Something seriously wrong with you!

Something Random

MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) i told you that it was going to be random! Anyways *hug* MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Never ever ever give Mello Chocolate...not even a little bit

This is something pretty cool that i discovered. but i don't know if the word cool is the correct word...

The Fart of Death

Something I discovered...>first< before anyone,(esp. those who have this on their blog...also!) except the person who made it!

The Fart of Death

Okay, go to Youtube like right now, and type in The Fart of Death!!! It's suppose to be in death note version. seriously go see it right now! the end might be a little weird, but whatever, the whole thing is weird!

Aqua Timez: Niji

Aqua Timez is a great band! :)

Orange Range: Shanghai Honey

OK, this is really really really weird! and it's Naruto version of Shanghai Honey. But let me give you a warning...DON'T EVER WATCH THE REAL MUSIC VIDEO OF SHANGHAI HONEY OK!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY DON'T, IT IS LIKE SOOOO WRONG! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ORANGE RANGE WAS THINKING!

Orange Range: Sayonara

It's a good song...BELIEVE IT!

Nightmare - Jibun no Hana


Honto Wa Ne

Best Aqua Timez Song Ever!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top Ten People I Hate

1. My cousin
2. Cynthia Liu
3. My cousin
4. My cousin
5. My cousin
6. My cousin
7. My cousin
8. My cousin
9. My cousin
10. Junah
All one cousin, Cynthia, and Junah

Description of Near: Read it or Tobi will get you!

A calm and stoic character that appears in the second half of the series. In the anime and manga versions, Near is one certain character to become L's successor and calls himself N during the course of his investigations. He shares a number of similarities with L. Like how L plays with things such as sugar cubes and forks, Near is playing with his toys or hair, and he is constantly shown sitting in an unusual manner, totally like L. After L's death, he was asked to join forces with Mello, who refused (And we all know who Mello is, the one who is totally crazy about chocolate). Near then gained the support of the "Government of the United States" and formed the Secret Provision for Kira (SPK). His real name is Nate River. L intends for Near to succeed him.

NEAR!!! (Also believed to be Nate Rivers or something

Near, awesomest character ever!!! (from Death Note if you didn't already know that! Oh yeah, L's great too!!!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

By Nightmare: Believe

UMMMM....ok, this is the freakiest thing I have ever seen. Yes, Sakito looks like a girl, and Hitsugi looks like a freak, but just close your eyes and hide in the toilet...never mind, just listen to the really, don't look!

By Nightmare: Alumina

OK, I admit that their costumes are REALLY weird, and that their heads are stuck inside something that looks like a hamster ball, but the song is a good song! yeah, umm...yeah!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

By: Nightmare~Cyan

really good song! it was introduced to me by my friend Cyan!!! :D

Monday, December 8, 2008

by: Nightmare~The Wrold (also Death Note opening 1)

sung by one of my favorite J-pop bands: Nightmare!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008 domination!

Yes Tobi, u shall soon rule the world! Along with Deidara!

Orange Range Information

Current Members
Naoto Hiroyama - guitar
Ryo Miyamori - low vocals
Yamato Ganeko - high vocals
Yoh Miyamori - bass
Hiroki Hokama - mid-range vocals
Songs:Kirikirimai, Shanghai Honey, Viva★Rock (third ending for Naruto), Rakuyō, 1st Contact (first album), Michishirube, Fire Boys ~Megumi no Daigo~, Locolotion, Hana, Asterisk (bleach opening #1, best song ever!), Un Rock Star, Ika Summer, Ikenai Taiyō , 2008; Kimi Station, and a few more

Favorite Anime and Manga

1) Naruto
2) Bleach
3) Death Note
4) Gantz (soon to be)
5) Naruto
6) Bleach
7) Death Note
8) Gantz (soon to be)
10) ---

Death Note Ikenai Taiyou!

Two of my favorite things mixed together: Death Note and Orange Range song: Ikenai Taiyou!

Reciting Pi...

3.14159265...uuhh, yeah, if u really want to hear pi being recited visit my friend Cyan's blog! yeah...


Ugggllyyyy Girl!!!

This is how i feel about u populars! :P ha!


Thank you Aqauaria Longstream and Cyan!!! You guys r awesome!!! :D

(In my opinion) Top 10 Colleges

1) Harvard
2) Princeton
3) Yale
4) Stanford
5) Northwestern
6) Georgetown
7) University of Pennsylvania
uuhhh...can't think of anymore...

Fav Character Ev-er!!!

Top Ten Things That Annoy Me +1

1) People who think they're better than everyone else
2) The popular crowd
3) People who think Tobi/Madara is just there to be made fun of (u people, watch it!)
4) Stupid idiotic anime and manga like Sailor Moon and Fruits basket (agreeing with friend Cyan)
5) Annie, Rachel Green, and Samantha Denney
6) People who say that anime and manga is dumb
7) People who insult and criticize Japan and China
8) Bratty and annoying little kids
9) Racists
10) Sexists
+1 people who brag about their intelligence continuously like oohh, i'm in PI+ or some other special thing!

The iPod Human!!!

VERY FUNNY VIDEO BY NIGAHIGA, A MUST WATCH. AND WHILE YOU'RE @ it, watch how to be ninja, how to be gangster, how to be emo, and how to be nerd!!!!!!


orange range rocks dudes!!!