Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok, well today I was being really stupid. XD
1) I accidentally bought this random song off iTunes
2) I used my toothbrush to brush/comb me hair
3) Lost my box of socks (how do u possibly do that?)
4) Lost my comb
5) Lost my toothbrush after combing my hair with it
6) Ran into a wall
7) Somehow ended up drawing a unicorn...(what the heck)
8) Ate a salad...ok, this isn't really stupid...don't know why i put this...???
9) I went on my internet when i just disconnected my internet...yep
10) I posted this on my blog...

-____- Arigato


Watching said...

Was the random song good ^^?

Jun said...

No it wasn't :( It was acutally the song my art teacher played when it was time to clean up. so basically i bought the art cleanup song...