Monday, August 2, 2010

Traveling Through China!!! ♫ (Part 2)

So to continue, from Hong Kong we had to re go through all the border crossing thing, but thankfully this time we left rather early so the waiting and the lines weren't that bad. From Shen Zhen we flew back to Beijing, where the very next day we went to Xi An to visit other relatives. There we stayed for 3 days and had the best Afterward, went to Shan Dong to have some more fun, which we did, went to different places, but unfortunately i couldn't really enjoy because i got sick T.T but I'm find now ^.^ !!! Then after staying there for somewhere around 4 or 5 days went back to Beijing stayed one more day so I could buy some gifts for friends and flew back to the U.S.! So here I am, sitting here typing this >.< Basically it was an awesome trip, and i encourage you to visit China!

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