Saturday, January 16, 2010

Half-Day !!!

Yesterday, or January 15, 2010, was a half-day for my school district, and class ended a few hours earlier. So me and about nine other people all went to a place called Brunswick Zone to go laser tagging and bowling ^.^ ... One of the best days ever!!! You might not know, but laser tagging, is very good exercise O.o Buuut, I failed at bowling, haha XD XD Then after two rounds of laser tag and a game of bowling, we went on the rides there like about 30 times (bought unlimited ride passes)! However, the only rides we could actually fit in were bumper cars, and the odessy (ride that is similar to roller coaster but smaller, and spins you in circles for about...5 minutes ...) Overall, 4.5 fun stars out of 5 ^.^

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