Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today, January 29 had, having, a sleep over w/ Aquaria ^.^ rented paranormal activity from blockbuster and wachted it...wasn't actually as scary as some people said.......wasn't as freaky as The Uninvited O.o that movie, is really scary!


Black_Rabbit said...

you should watch "a tale of two sisters2 then as that's a really good thriller/horror movie, but you'd have to watch it with subtitles as it's a Korean film. the original of the uninvited :)

Aki said...

omg, black_rabbit!!!! i got to watch that! i love horror movies!!! ur soooooo lucky jun!!! my mom's too asian to let me have a stinkin sleepover if its not some sort of looong vacation like summer vacation, and even then, she would make me finnish all my japanese hw, algebra/geometry/other educational stuff and then make me do extra homework saying i have to make up for the lost time or something... *sigh* well, at least someone had fun over the weekend :)