Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alice Nine~Hana PV

I first saw/heard this on yama-chan's blog, I'm happy she posted this ^.^


Mary-Claire said...

AHHH I love that song and video :D SHOOOUUU *__* (haha I love Shou~)

Jun said...

same here <3
but he's really skinny *__*
but still, this song is really good!

Mary-Claire said...

Shou is quite thin D:
He needs to eat something besides ramen and milk shakes. EAT SOME MEAT, SHOU! WHOLE MILK!!! BREAD!! COOKIES!

Haha XD

Jun said...

lol ^.^ I agree

Yama ♥ chan said...

I don't know ... But I like him like he is. Although if he get a bit stronger would be good!

But I love the music *.*!