Friday, March 27, 2009

Death Note Rant Remix Part 2

Near: *twirl* *twirl* *twirl*...
Light Yagami: Stop that!
Near: *twirl* *twirl*...
Light Yagami: Stop it, Fool!
Near: *twirl* hey Misa.
Misa: *shiver*
Near: *twirl* you win a free car if you tell me who Kira is.
Misa: No, Misa has gotten tricked once, Misa is not that stupid.
Light Yagami: Go away Misa.
Near: *twirl* You'll get a free car and vacation this time.
Misa: LIGHT-KUN! LIGHT-KUN IS KIRA!!!!!!! Yaaaaay, car? Vacation? Misa get now?
Near: *twirl* *smirk*
Light Yagami: Baka.
L: :3