Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nervous/Excited/Tons of Other Emotions

Well, if you've read Aquaria's new post, school's startin' tomorrow for her, and for me too. ^^
I'm so nervous.excited.etc that i can't sleep right now so i'm a postin' ^^ !!! Well, time for a new school year to begin and hopefully (<<---I'm hoping) that it'll be a good one O.O

so even though classes are startin', I'm sure I'll still have da time to update my blog daily XD. For now, sayonara!!!


Shadow_Gal said...

aww, i start school next week, i feel guilty, hmmm never not really, and i'm worrying about updating too. oh well good luck^-^
.............. i'm bored!!!!!!!!!

Watching said...

ah *o* how did it go?? I haven't read Aquaria's post yet *runs off to read it*

Jun said...

aw, shadow, you're so lucky!!! T.T

It was ok, a bit boring. they kept on continuously talking about different rules and other stuff...*rolls eyes*

Watching said...

Yeah, they always talk about rules on the fust day of school >.<