Sunday, November 1, 2009

yaaay!!!! FREE CANDY!!! (and quite a lot of it might i add ^.^) i love halloween! esp. the candy part ^.^ (eheh..) Well, it was a fun day...I went trick-or-treating with aki and another friend. then came back to my house for a sleepover. we watched two horror movies: The Uninvited and Room 1408. The Uninvited was sooooo freaky! seriously, one part, we all just screamed cause it was so creepy T.T Then after it, we were all so scared that we didn't want to go anywhere alone o.o
However, after we watched the Uninvited, room 1408 wasn't scary...... -___-
oh well, at least it was still fun ^.^


Anonymous said...

love the pic! and a movie i want to see is The Orphan, but no one wants to watch it with me :( glad your Halloween was good & thanks for following I'll post as soon as I get another 2 pages^-^

Aki said...

yayayayayayayayay!!!! yeah that was soooooo fun!!! oh, remember the part when "the other friend" had to get her contact cleaner thingies, and we were like, begging ur mom not to leave us alone in the house cuze we were so scared and there were like windows and doors and someone could come in still kinda creaped out it was pretty scary. and remember the part when we tried to prank "the other friend"? that was soooo funny!!!

Jun said...

Oh, I heard that it was really scary O.O Can't wait til ya start posting ^.^ big fan of harry potter!

heehee, yep, that was hilarious when we were so freaked out...sorta. however, the prank didn't really turn out that successful -__- oh well