Monday, December 28, 2009

Trip to NY

Eeep, post for quite some time there. On Christmas Eve, I went to New York for 3 days to visit family and had a GREAT time!!!!!!! We stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel in time square and it was really convenient 'cause it was extremely close to subway tunnels. Well, I saw different parts of New York, got to go to the Hershey store and M&M store.

25th of December
walking around Time Square, there's an abercrombie and Fitch store, and the line was huge!!! That was just the line to get in!!! scary... Ordered dinner from an Italian restaurant called: Carmine's. Then went to see phantom of the opera on broadway! best show ever, right after the lion king on broadway!!!!

26th of December
shopping with my sister. Saks fifth avenue, Disney Store, f.a.o. schwartz, bloomingdales, and the M&M store. For dinner we went to Korean Town. BEST FOOD EVER!!!! eh, i drool just thinking about the end we drank this cold cinnamon tea, very yummy.

27th of December
had to leave, but had enough time to visit the statue of liberty. my sis woke up at 6:00a.m. to get tickets for us. on the ferry ride to the statue, got extremely sea sick, took some motion sickness pills. didn't get the tickets to very top of the statue, but climbed to top of the pedastal, where my sister and I made faces down at the ppl taking pics of the statue. Got on the ferry to ellis island. However, only stopped there for 2 minutes and got back onto the ferry, otherwise we wouldn't have enough time to visit my sister's apartment.

Got some great presents, had a wonderful time, it was a pretty good holiday for me. ^.^


Mary-Claire said...

Sounds awesome!!
Wow you got to go to Korea Town! I'm jealous! I bet the food was amazing, I love Korean food!! <3

I'm glad you had a great Christmas ^_^

Stari said...

that's cool, you got to go to New York!

Jun said...

Yes, it was cool to get to go to new York ! Same here looove Korean food!!! Had Korean BBQ, and the bulgogi was excellent ^.^

Mary-Claire said...

WOOO I love bulgogi!! I have a Korean recipe book and my parents make it sometime :D I really want to try jajangmyun, which is Korean noodles with black seseme paste/pork. In Korea they have Valentines, White Day and then Black Day. Black Day is when singles celebrate being single by wearing all black and eating jajangmyun XD

Jun said...

that's extremely interesting, i never knew that O.O. ^.^ haha, learn somethin' each day........ but yes, jajangmyun sounds very delectable ^.^