Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gee...Z !!!

Ah, my wonderous break is over... ever since I went to China last summer I've been able to quit piano, drawing, and dance lessons. I also couldn't start them again because of cross country and then musical practice which all occurred after school. Buuut, now that all of these things are over, I have to start those classes again T.T In a way, I'm actually pretty happy. i was almost bored without my schedule being packed so full that I have no break. ~Mata ne!


Mary-Claire said...

Wow, Dance, Piano and Drawing? That's alot XD This year I'm going to do Dance, Violin or Piano and Mandarin classes XD (not sure about violin or piano this year, but the others definatley)

Jun said...

ah, u know so many languages *.* it helps that i already know mandarin

Mary-Claire said...

Well I'm only fluent in English O_o
I just pick up bits and pieces of different languages, lol :D
Wow you already know Mandarin *_* how cool! :D