Monday, March 29, 2010

I wonder why i posted this

I found an interesting article on Yahoo about foods that can fix (almost) anything. Apparently for little age lines, you eat grapes. For a bad mood try healthy carbs a.k.a. chickpeas, lentils and whole-grain bread... Acne eat fish or walnuts. Splitting nails, eat protein rich foods . Bad breath eat plain yogurt. Thin, dry hair, drink green tea. For PMS, try cheese or milk. For more energy: Apple with peanut butter ^.^ (yum) Stay healthy !!! O.o


Mary-Claire said...

Oh! I saw this too (I didn't read it though)
Yeah they say one reason why Japanese people have such nice skin with rarely any breakout is because of their healthy diet of fish and other good foods.
Too bad the only fish I like is samon and tuna -__- I don't really like fish...

Jun said...

that's an interesting fact...that japanese people have such nice skin because of their diet...I never knew that ^.^ But yeah, I'm not that big of a fan of fish either.